Seed Boutique FAQ

Do you ship to my location?
We are happy to ship our items world wide, though before making a purchase from us we strongly advise you to check your national and local laws and to read our terms and conditions.

How long will the delivery take?
Depending on your local postal service, you can expect orders to be delivered in the UK the next working day (where possible) and orders to the rest of the world in 7-28 days from the date of shipping.

Before contacting our support team on an undelivered order, we advise you to wait the mentioned time of 28 days (international orders) or 5 days (UK orders) from shipment.

Please note: failure to receive an order due to the local postal systems or customs interception is a purchaser liability. Seed Boutique will NOT replace undelivered orders.

How do I place an order?
Browse the site, add desired items to your basket and when ready, proceed to check out. Then either register with us or sign into your existing account and follow the check out instructions.
If you don't want or can't register with us you can make a print out of the printable order form and fill out the details or write us in CLEARLY READABLE handwritten or typed letter WRITTEN IN BLOCK CAPITALS including:

* Your Name
* Item Name and Quantity
* Amount due (each item)
* Shipping charge
* Name and address to send order to
* E-mail address
* The payment (in case of payment by money order, postal order, cashiers check and/or cash. For payments by bank transfer, please follow instructions further below).

Failure to provide a clearly written order form can result in problems so we recommend that you double check your order before shipping to ensure it's clear and concise.

How can I pay for my order?

Payments can be made by money order, postal order, cashiers check and/or cash (see below for instructions).
We only accept money orders with a value over $100


Sending in your order and payment
First of all, please add your order number (if provided) and payment to your envelope/package, preferably including your order form.
Money orders, please leave payee blank
with the inclusion of your details
Our address is NOT to be included on the Money Order

All orders should be sent to:

12 East Street
KT17 1HX

You may send your order with payment by Air Mail, Express Mail International or by an overnight courier service such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, Parcel Force, etc. Please do not put a value on the package or envelope, even when asked.

The preferred method is overnight courier, as these afford you the ability to track the progress of your payment online and to see when it has been delivered to us. Compared to sending it through regular post it is much safer, less likely to get lost in the postal system and even if lost, it will be much easier for us to track down. To top it off , you will receive an extra freebie from us to offset the cost!

If using cash as your payment method we strongly recommend using some form of recorded mail to ensure your payment arrives in a safe and timely manner.

Please do make sure you include shipping costs with your order; being 5 pounds sterling, $8 or 6 Euros for each 4 packs.

Payment instructions

Money orders, postal orders, cashiers cheques

we only accept money orders over $100
We prefer them to be made out in GBP or otherwise in USD or EUR. They will also be accepted if made out in any other major currency.
Please do fill out your details as completely as possible. Depending on the type of money order, that will include:
Your name
Your address (street name and number, postal/zip code, town)
Your signature

Cash is accepted in any major currency, including the following: Pound Sterling, Euro's, US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.

We strongly advise you to only send cash in banknotes, not coins. Envelopes with coins often get caught up in the machinery of postal services and makes it more obvious that cash is present, making it more prone to theft whilst in the postal system.

If your order totals to an amount included with smaller denominations than you can pay with in banknotes,we ask you to round the amount payable off to the nearest unit in banknotes (e.g.: your order amount is for 41.40; 40.00 in banknotes will be accepted as full payment for the order. For a payment in USD, that means if your order amount is for $76.77, we'd like you to send in $77 in notes).

Currency conversion
If applicable, please refer to to convert the owed amount into the currency you will be paying in.

Where can I buy a money order, postal order or cashiers cheque?
You can obtain a money order from almost all convenience and grocery stores. Postal orders can be purchased at most if not all post offices, cashiers cheques at most if not all banks.

Payment methods we do not accept (yet)
We do not accept USPS Money Orders or PayPal. At the moment, we also do not accept credit cards, though are working hard to get that form of payment up and running again.

My seeds will not germinate?
Seed Boutique does not replace seeds due to claims of poor germination; seeds are a live product and we cannot guarantee grower success. The same seeds in the hands of one grower may well perform differently in the hands of an other grower. We do not accept responsibility for the germination ratios or growth of a live product though seeds are tested randomly to ensure a minimum level of viability.